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Set up AI-powered observability for your Microsoft Azure cloud

Observability setup for cloud resources typically involves manual work and multiple teams

Observability of your complete workloads in Azure demands AI-powered insights into numerous cloud resources. All Dynatrace customers using the Azure Native Dynatrace Service can now integrate Dynatrace and Azure Monitor in just one click within their Azure subscription. Everything is set up automatically and seamlessly in the background, and no further action is required to activate the integration.


Integrate Dynatrace and Azure Monitor in just one click from the Azure Portal

This fully automated integration requires no manual action. All setup is done seamlessly and there’s no need to host certain components on-premise—this is now handled by Dynatrace, which provides a SaaS experience and configures the necessary credentials automatically to allow Dynatrace to utilize the Azure Monitor.

The Azure monitor integration is set up in just one click:

Azure monitor integration set up

In minutes, information is collected and begins flowing into Dynatrace.

Azure monitor integration in Dynatrace



Christoph Hoyer

Christoph is a Technical Product Manager in our cluster deployment team, focusing on SaaS infrastructure and our road to Kubernetes, as well as self-monitoring and marketplaces. Christoph spent several years as a researcher and lecturer at the Johannes Kepler University, Linz and has 10+ years of experience in building mobile and security solutions for enterprises. In his spare time, Christoph enjoys spending time with his family, sports, and exploring new technologies.